Successful Guide to Exhibiting

Is it is your first time exhibiting?

Have you have done it multiple times, but still feel you can get more from your exhibiting investment?

We have developed a series of videos to help you make the most of your time spent at the event. Whether it is goal setting, budget, staff, ROI or creating experiences, the videos below will you give you new insights into getting the return you always wanted.

There are 3 chapters in this series, each with 3 videos each.

–  Chapter 1: What to do before the show (Setting out your goals and objectives; Planning your presence; Tell people why they should visit you)

–  Chapter 2: What to do at the show (Your staff; Lead collection; Experience, media and networking)

–  Chapter 3: What to do after the show and measuring its success.  (De-brief; Leads from the event; Planning for the next event)

Find below what each chapter dives into.

Post show report 2019

Have a look at last year’s highlights!

Chapter 1: What to do before the show

Chapter 1.1 – Setting out your goals and objectives

  • Planning and Goals
  • Budget
  • Qualifying Leads
  • Wishlists

Chapter 1.2 – Planning your presence

  • Getting your stand right
  • Find the right supplier
  • Staff
  • Creating experiences

Chapter 1.3 – Tell people why they should visit you

  • Invites to your database
  • Websites
  • Social media
  • Make the most of pre-show PR and advertising