Exhibitor Briefing: AgriTech Expo Zambia 2021

Very Important
Download the 2021 exhibitor manual here.

Dear Exhibitor,

Welcome back!  After much anticipation, we are looking forward to welcoming everyone back to the GART Research Center in Chisamba. Agritech Expo Zambia will still host all your favorite feature areas such as the live crops trials, machinery demonstrations and interactive workshops. 

With new regulations and limitations in place due to prevent the spread of the virus causing COVID-19 we have created a safe business plan, to ensure the health and safety of all attendees and participants. We urge you to complete the following forms and return them by Monday, March 15, 2021 to ensure no complications in the field on arrival.

Again we look forward to welcoming you all back to Agritech and trust that you will work together with us, to ensure a safe and successful show for everyone involved.

Below are some of the important points to keep in mind in order to prepare for a successful show:

Important information regarding operations onsite

  1. AgriTech Expo Zambia 2021 – Site Layout

2. Vehicle Movement at AgriTech Expo Zambia 2021

Vehicle movement at AgriTech Expo Zambia 2021

Important points to keep in mind with regards vehicle movement at the venue:

3. Timeline

Important dates and actions:

4. Important Deadlines

5. Other Important Information

6. Working Demonstration Area
Safety of visitors and exhibitors is of paramount importance.

The Exhibitor Manual has a set of guidelines to aid in this:

7. Expo Shell Scheme Stands

•2400h X 3000 X 3000 shell
•1 X Trestle table with cloth
•2 X Plastic chairs
•1 X Wastepaper bin
•1 X 10 amp plug point
•1 X Incandescent light
•1 X Standard expo carpet

•Please fill in the Facia Name Form carefully and return to us


Build up – 14 April
Show days – 15,16,17 April
Break down 
No stands broken down before 15h00 on the 17th
All exhibits and materials removed from site by 18h00 on 17th of April

Graphic sizes
Standard panel overall size is 968 X 2384mm with a visual size of 960 X 2380mm
Front panels are 968 X 1404mm with a visual size of 960 X 1400mm

Fascia is 285 X 2960mm

Important information regarding Marketing at the event

Do you have any other questions: