Message From The President of the Zambian National Farmer’s Union (ZNFU)

Rebranded AgriTech @ 7

It is with a great sense of pride that I once again unveil the exciting times in Zambia’s agriculture sector as we look to celebrating seven years of the AgriTech expo in 2020.

It is without doubt that the AgriTech expo has stamped an indelible mark as the biggest agricultural outdoor showpiece in Zambia and has continued to endear its way into the region and beyond.

This is so because the AgriTech expo has become renowned to be a one-stop platform for striking business to business, farmer to agribusiness and private sector to government deals.

It is an expo with a core mandate to forge mechanisation and technological advancements among farmers with the aim of improving production, productivity and efficiency in this evolving world of discerning consumers that demand quality and proficiency.

Over the past six years, the AgriTech expo has expanded from sitting on 20, 000 square meters to 70, 000 square meters of land featuring among other things 16 industry featured zones that include live crop trials, machinery and equipment demos, construction park, 4×4 test track, energy park, international pavilions, indoor expo tent, irrigation zone, centre pivot display, free to attend AgriTeach training workshops, VIP and large scale farmers agenda, SME zone, business zone and the aquaculture zone.

It has offered panaceas to some agricultural challenges farmers have been faced with in recent times, such as climate change, pestilences, livestock diseases, electricity/energy deficits and alternative energy mixes and poor productivity.

The expo is revered as arguably the biggest agricultural technological showpiece in the region and has been an attraction of many, drawing local and international exhibitors, including international pavilions and over 150 international and local media.

Relentless hard work by all involved is what has made us achieve such success; togetherness, teamwork and the passion to see innovations that will make agriculture enjoyable and easy; being at the core.

But I am even more excited at the prospect of working with our new partners and event managers; the German Agricultural Society (DLG).

The DLG has massive experience in managing agricultural events world-wide, which include the world’s best agricultural machinery showpiece; the Agritechnica, held in Hannover, Germany every two odd years.

We have no shade of doubt whatsoever that with the DLG, we will experience another surge in revelations of agricultural technologies and machinery.

We know what the DLG is famed for and we cannot wait for them to share their experiences with our farmers as we seek to become efficient, increase production and move in tandem with the world’s ultramodern technological agricultural trends and innovations, that benefit all our farmers small and big and trigger changes to our agribusiness outlook and the way we perceive agriculture, under a rebranded Expo.

The year 2020 is already upon us and I invite you all to be among the people that will revolutionise agriculture in Zambia and indeed the region and beyond as we celebrate another AGRITECH.

Jervis Zimba


Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU)