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SARO AGRO INDUSTRIAL LTD, is a Zambian company, established by the Oza family. Their history in Zambia goes back to 1940 when the late Chairman settled in Livingstone and established his business. That was the humble base from which the SARO GROUP eventually emerged.

Stewards Globe Limited is a local and wholly owned Zambian seed company trading as Afriseed, based in Lusaka, Zambia and operating in all The 10 provinces of Zambia. The company was registered in 2007 with the objective of providing sustainable agricultural solutions to the Zambian farming community.

Agrico designs and supplies all types of irrigation systems. Many components of the irrigation systems are developed and manufactured in-house. All products are reliable and robust and offer excellent value in terms of initial capital cost and low running cost, as well as ease of use.

Amiran Zambia is a subsidiary of the Balton CP group of companies. We offer solutions in Agro-Chemicals, Seeds & Seedlings, Amiran Zambia is a subsidiary of the Balton CP group of companies. Amrian offers solutions in Agro-Chemicals, Seeds and seedlings, Irrigation and Green Houses and Technology and innovation. The company offers its customers a unique blend of local resources with real practical experience of working in Africa.
Irrigation& Green Houses and Technology & Innovation. We offer our customers a unique blend of local resources with real practical experience of working in Africa

BASF’s Crop Protection division works with farmers, agricultural professionals, pest management experts to develop and maintain sustainable agriculture and healthy environments. In Zambia, BASF is trading through selected distributors with emphasis on Agricultural solutions. BASF is providing innovative solutions in the fungicide, herbicide, insecticide, and seed treatment segments to support farmers improve their yields and quality of crops

In 2016, Bayer opened an office in Zambia to focus on the local agricultural sector through Its crop Science division. The relatively new in the country Bayer has purposed to grow and become one of the leading agricultural based service and product providers through its crop science division.

CFAO Mobility Zambia, born from the merger of Toyota Zambia and Vehicle Centre Zambia, is a premier automotive entity representing top brands like Toyota, Ford, Suzuki, VW, Hino, Sinotruk, Maxxis, and Motul, as well as Top Gear Motors. With 500+ employees, it boasts a robust network of 9 branches, 3 authorized service centers, 3 Toyota Team Garages, and 1 Toyota parts shop.

ETG Agri Inputs Zambia is part of the ETG Inputs Holding Co. Ltd. headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In Zambia the Fertiliser and Agri Inputs vertical of ETG is operating as ETG Inputs Zambia Ltd, a company registered in Zambia and located in Lusaka, Zambia. The Fertiliser and Agri Inputs vertical in Zambia covers Zambian Fertilizers Ltd.as a subsidiary of ETG. Fertilizers are currently ETG’s single largest product line, accounting for a significant percentage of the company’s trading volumes and revenue. ETG is a “ONE STOP SHOP” solution for farmers. ETG supplies all farming inputs such as seeds, agro-chemicals, fertilizers and agronomic services. while purchasing agricultural outputs as well. ETG continues creating a sustainable impact in the lives of farmers and spreading 360 degrees happiness.”

AgLeaseCo is an asset finance leasing company licensed by the Bank of Zambia. It addresses the need for mechanization among small holder and emergent farmers as a means to better the livelihood of Zambian farmers and the country at large. Its footprint extends across all 10 provinces of Zambia. The company is supported by the German government and partnered with KfW and AATIF. It offers affordable and flexible financial leases to developing farmers to enable them lease agricultural equipment and implements such as: tractors, tractor implements, irrigation and other agricultural machinery.

AgLeaseCo has partnered with Camco, FES, Growmore, Saro, Tata Agri-Wes and Automotive Equipment LimitedAdvantages – financed equipment acts as collateral, choice of equipment is entirely the farmer’s and agro processor’s. Fixed interest and exchange rate. Flexible repayment tenors of between 2 to 5 years. A minimum of 25% downpayment. 

AgLeaseCo was established in December 2017 and has so far mechanized over 1000 farmers. It promotes mechanization in an effort to reduce the reliance on animal draft power and human effort in order to increase quality of farming produce and overall productivity.

Founded in 2014, Good Nature is a for-profit social enterprise that believes in farmer-centric impact. The company works with Africa’s most rural small-scale farmers to supply the region with high-quality legume seed and commodities. GNA does this with the aim to move the farmers from poverty and into the middle-class. 

Lindsay Africa is the second Lindsay facility established outside the U.S. and consists of a factory, an office block and warehouse. From this facility LA offers turnkey solutions that include design and distribution. Although Lindsay Africa was first established in 2002, Zimmatic by Lindsay products have been in operation in Africa, since the early 1970s.

LA has an extensive network of Zimmatic dealers throughout sub-Sahara Africa, with the largest concentration in South Africa. These dealers are trained to provide design, sales, installation and after-sales service to growers and to keep inventories of essential parts.

Seed Co Zambia prides itself as one of the country’s leading player in the agricultural sector. The company is involved in crop seed research, production, processing, distribution and marketing. Its flagship seed products include; hybrid seed maize, wheat and soya bean.

Founded in 1877, Starke Ayres is an expert vegetable, flower and lawn seed provider. We specialise in breeding our own seed varieties and source only the best available stock from our international suppliers. With our headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa, we are the leading vegetable seed supplier in Africa and preferred international supplier of premium varieties of seed to the professional grower.

Syngenta is one of the world’s leading agriculture companies. Syngenta’s ambition is to help safely feed the world while taking care of the planet.  Syngenta’s aim to improve the sustainability, quality, and safety of agriculture with world class science and innovative crop solutions. Syngenta’s technologies enable millions of farmers around the world to make better use of limited agricultural resources. With 28,000 people in more than 90 countries Syngenta is working to transform how crops are grown. Through partnerships, collaboration, and The Good Growth Plan Syngenta is committed to improving farm productivity, rescuing land from degradation, enhancing biodiversity, and revitalising rural communities.

Synergy Seeds Zambia is a leading R&D, Breeding, Production, Distribution and Marketing Seed Company offering growers a wide spectrum of seed products. Flagship portfolio comprise Maize Hybrids, Soya Beans, Wheat and Vegetable seed solutions delivering value for cultivation.

Zamseed produces various types of certified seeds for both local and export markets.  The product range includes certified seeds of maize seed, soyabeans, millets, groundnuts, sorghum, cowpeas, sunflower, wheat, beans and vegetables.

ZimTrade is Zimbabwe’s national trade development and promotion organization. We are a distinctive joint venture partnership between the private sector and the government. Our mission is to support Zimbabwean exporters, including first-time and potential exporters, in developing, promoting, and facilitating the export of their goods and services globally.

Afrostain Farmtech is an agribusiness consulting company for farming companies across Africa, Governments, NGOs, and upper-middle-income citizens investing in agribusiness.

We’re specialists in farmer training, land-use & management planning, soil and water conservation, and other enterprise solutions. We use GIS & Remote Sensing, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence as well as drone technologies to deliver stellar farm and client-specific solutions for farm business profitability.

Agrirocket Engineering is a smart sustainable solution for farmers. Our structures use less water, reduce waste and increase yield. We construct modern greenhouses, steel sheds, tanks and spray-races that use the latest technologies to produce more using less. With Agrirocket, farmers can work smart not harder and meet market demands.

Founded in 1988, Agriseeds has immensely contributed to the growth of the food industry in Zimbabwe through the production, marketing and supply of quality seed. With seed maize starting as the company’s mainstay product, subsequent years have seen the introduction and growth of small grains namely, sorghum, groundnuts, millet, cow peas, soya beans and sugar beans.

Mealie Brand (A Division of Zimplow Holdings), is the largest manufacturer and distributor of animal drawn implements in Sub-Saharan Africa. The company provides the mechanization solutions for farmers from land preparation, planting, crop cultivation through to post harvest handling. The manufacturing plant is situated in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Mealie Brand works closely with agricultural conservation stakeholders throughout the region.

ZFC Limited supplies a comprehensive range of agricultural chemicals. These include herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, fumigants, and adjuvants. As a service to farmers, ZFC Limited provides a strong technical, advisory, and back up service. Periodic training sessions are conducted so that farmers can sharpen their knowledge and improve their farming skills.

A leading global seed company that is committed to providing sustainable agricultural practices and enhancing farmers’ prosperity with high quality seeds, through the deployment of the most advanced technologies in conventional plant breeding with biotechnology to deliver world-class, high performing seeds and the most suitable germplasm for a particular region.

With over 60 years in R&D experience, production & processing, marketing and sales in 84 countries, Advanta Seeds holds a leadership position in tropical and sub-tropical geographies in sorghum (grain and forage) corn, sunflower, canola, rice and a variety of vegetables.

Drawing on a global network of subsidiaries; Alta Seeds & Pacific Seeds along with key partnerships with leading technology companies for innovative added value traits, biotech and high-quality oil and yield traits, diseases, pest and herbicide resistance and drought as well as salinity tolerance, Advanta ensures offering cutting edge agronomic practices and crop protection solutions to its customers worldwide.

Agrinovo Limited provides a wide range of products and services; Crop Protection solutions
and inputs, equipment and tools, and advisory services. With regards to services, Agrinovo
offers farmer training in conservation agriculture, safe use of pesticides as well as technical
advice services to our clients.

AFKO Pivot Irrigation Systems started in 1986 and specialized in the production of agricultural equipment and accessories for agricultural machinery, ploughs, seeders, and harvesters. The company then began focusing on irrigation systems in all their forms. In 2012, AFKO METAL was established to produce pivot irrigation systems in the capital of the Turkish Republic Ankara. AFKO derives its strength and success in this field from its experienced and highly qualified staff, with significant capability and experience in agricultural and industrial sectors.

ATS Agrochemicals is an agricultural chemical company that deals in crop protection products. It also works closely with Klein Karoo (K2) seed which deals in Maize, soybean, pasture, and vegetable seeds.

ATS  goal is to proudly serve and support farmers. ATS serves with passion, purpose and sustainably contributing to good agricultural practices. From sowing to harvest, ATS Agrochemicals provides complete crop protection solutions for farmers’ pre and post -harvest needs.

The Tata Group’s African odyssey began with the setting up of Tata Zambia in 1977 and the export of Tata Motors’ trucks and buses into Zambia. Our advanced technology vehicles and superior after sales service have made a big difference. Today, Tata John Deere Zambia is the official dealer for John Deere Agricultural, Construction and Forestry equipment in Zambia. The John Deere brand has been in Zambia for over 20 years and has grown from strength to strength mechanizing farmers from our new age farmers, Commercial farmers and the large Corporations. Our strength is in our ability to understand our customer’s needs and offer the relevant solutions. Our team is dedicated to service our customers and our back up service is crucial in ensuring uptime.

Nemchem Agri Business

Nemchem Agri stands as a leading force in agricultural and veterinary advancements, offering a holistic range of innovative solutions tailored to the modern agribusiness sector. Nemchem team are not only providers but also esteemed biosecurity consultants, delivering expert advice to ensure optimal farm health and productivity. Nemchem’s integrated approach combines veterinary expertise, top-notch retail services, and cutting-edge pest control techniques, manifesting our commitment to excellence through our comprehensive range of cleaning chemicals, livestock care products, pest control solutions, organic inputs, and specialized cleaning equipment.

Core Business Segments
Veterinary Services & Laboratory: Leveraging state-of-the-art tools and expertise, Nemchem provides diagnostic, preventive, and curative services for livestock, alongside a curated range of veterinarian products to ensure livestock well-being.
Biosecurity Consultation: Drawing from our vast experience, Nemchem offers expert biosecurity advice, helping farms to establish and maintain best practices, ensuring the health and safety of livestock and produce.
Outlet Stores: Nemchem’s stores present a selection of livestock care products, cleaning agents, and more, all emphasizing quality and effectiveness.
Pest Control: Nemchem’s comprehensive range of pest control products and services ensures the well-being of livestock and the safety of agricultural produce.

Livestock Biosecurity & Beyond
As a renowned chemical manufacturer and distributor of esteemed brands, Nemchem’s dedication to livestock biosecurity remains paramount. Nemchem extends its services to various farm types, including poultry, dairy, piggery, fisheries, and processing plants, providing specialized cleaning services and expert advice to maintain optimal hygiene and health standards. Nemchem’s pest control solutions further guarantee that farms remain free from unwanted pests, ensuring the safety and quality of produce.

Nitrogen chemicals of Zambia producers of quality fertilizer and industrial chemicals situated along president Avenue industrial area Kafue.

Spectra, Zambia’s top lubricant and fuel provider, excels in serving various industries. Known for superior service and technical know-how, Spectra offers specialised solutions and equipment to boost machinery efficiency. Spectra’s network of depots ensures reliable supply, enhancing

Zambia’s industries; growth and productivity with our leading market presence.

Heico investment Zambia limited is an Information technology company which was incorporated 2017. The company that ventured into drone technology in 2021 has been expanding organically in the last 2 years. Certification is key to progress. Therefore, Heico has certified pilots in aerial spraying, weed control & bulk fumigation to serve our highly esteemed customers. We specialize in the followingAerial Spraying, Weed control, Aerial Mapping, Film & Photography, Bulk Fumigation and Aerial Fertilizer application.

Namfeeds a leading stockfeed brand owned and produced by National Milling Corporation Limited (NMC) located in Zambia. NMC is a world class agro-business corporation with a mission to consistently achieve and maintain market leadership and competitive edge in the provision of quality human and animal nutrition products and services for the benefit of all its customers.

Lindsay Africa is the second Lindsay facility established outside the U.S. and consists of a factory, an office block and warehouse. From this facility LA offers turnkey solutions that include design and distribution. Although Lindsay Africa was first established in 2002, Zimmatic by Lindsay products have been in operation in Africa, since the early 1970s.

LA has an extensive network of Zimmatic dealers throughout sub-Sahara Africa, with the largest concentration in South Africa. These dealers are trained to provide design, sales, installation and after-sales service to growers and to keep inventories of essential parts.

Livestock Services is the leading supplier of inputs for both livestock and crop farming in Zambia.

Serverchem Enterprises is a wholesale Company importer of Veterinary pharmaceuticals and also offers consultancy services in the field of Agriculture. We ensure a country wide distribution network in Zambia through Pharmacies and Traders dealing in the sale of Agricultural inputs.

With VVS Zambia we are trying to provide access for Zambian compound feed producers to GMP+ B1, EKO and ISO 9001 certified Czech premixer VVS Vermerovice ltd. VVS is a premix factory based in Czech republic in a small town Vermerovice. With 50 years of experience on the Czech and European market, reaching countries like the United Arab Emirates and Zambia. The main focus is the dairy and beef industry expanding into the poultry, pig and companion animals branches. VVS has also substantial experience in feeding exotic and game animals with clients like  Zoological gardens and estates across Europe and Middle East.

Finecop Zambia Ltd. is one of the leading specialists in providing irrigation solutions operating in Zambia and as Finefluid Systems Pty Limited, Harare, Zimbabwe. The company was established in the year 2013, and has offices in Mungwi Road, Lusaka & Free Town road, Kitwe Lusaka, Zambia. With the knowledge and experience, with extensive design capabilities and best in class service, Finecop provides solutions for Drilling & Exploration of water wells for Agriculture, pumping test, installation of bore hole submersible pumps with solar and Electric. Also, Finecop has good stock of extensive range of Pumps, motors, Control panels, Variable speed drives, Pipes, drip / Sprinklers, Cables, accessories and fittings with premium quality. Finecop also provides complete turnkey irrigation projects across the country, delivering reliable and customised irrigation systems that make our customers delighted.

Mass breed Investments (Z) Ltd T/A FAW ZAMBIA is one of the fastest growing Automotive companies in Zambia. We specialize in the supply of brand-new durable, tough, reliable and affordable commercial vehicles (truck tractors, freight trucks, Buses and earth moving equipment) suitable for Africa’s rough terrains and climatic conditions. DE facto our trucks are manufactured in South Africa tailored for the African market. FAW ZAMBIA offers an excellent aftersales support for all our vehicles which includes supply of genuine spare parts, vehicle maintenance and service plus we offer driver training and competence testing before we hand over our units to clients along with our warranty which can stretch up to 3 years. From our inception in 2017, FAW ZAMBIA has been growing from strength to strength because of the overwhelming demand of our robust trucks from the mining, construction, manufacturing, farming and transport sectors.

Precision Farming offers a premium array of agricultural inputs for Zambian Farmers and Agriculture including:

Agro-Chemicals & Adjuvants. including all the major brands.
Biological products include pheromone and insect traps.
Soluble fertilizers & Foliar nutrition for plants
Granular fertilizers
Tee Jet Boom sprayer Nozzles, Tips and spray accessories.
Fleetguard Automotive filtration air, water, oil, hydraulic filters.

We are a faith based Agricultural institution who’s vision is to train school leavers, school drop-outs, women, youths and rural communities as well as the differently abled individuals in agriculture, aquaculture and other agri-business ventures. The College is engaged in the transmission of both theoretical, and practical lessons to impart knowledge, skills and experience in agriculture as a career to young men and women, families, organizations and individuals in a holistic way. 

Aqua Aura is the New Zambian dealer for T-L Irrigation. We provide world class Irrigation equipment and drip. We design and install our products.

Nitrogen chemicals of Zambia producers of quality fertilizer and industrial chemicals. We are situated along president Avenue industrial area Kafue.

Omnia Fertilizer has been offering quality products and services. Our team of qualified and experienced agronomists offer advice on how to improve various farming and nutritional practices as well as provide farmers with the specific tools to accomplish this. 

Oxfam in Southern Africa is part of a movement in the Southern Africa Region working with the most vulnerable and poor section of society to challenge and advocate for the transformation of it’s growth and development models

Kariba Seed is a Zambian seed company specialised in production, processing and distribution of high quality, drought tolerant seed varieties. It is registered with SCCI, a regulatory wing of the ministry of agriculture. kariba works closely with small scale farmers and out grower schemes in developing and marketing of various seed varieties

Yara services customers in Zambia, Mozambique and Malawi with the best quality product, complete crop solutions, service and logistics. We are committed to sharing knowledge and driving growth on your farm and in your business through experienced Zambian agronomists and sales agents.

Established in 2008, Agricrop Services Limited is a wholly owned Zambian company that specializes in the sale and distribution of agricultural chemicals i.e. herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and adjuvants. Agricrop aims to supply high quality agrochemicals and offer unequalled agronomic technical service.

Established in 2016 by a group of South African sugarcane farmers, PACSys has since evolved into the continent’s leading distributor of precision agricultural spraying drones. The quality of our products, training, technical expertise, and after-sales service are truly unparalleled in the industry and all combine ultimately to unlock additional profitability on farms.

Experience real agriculture with DanaTrac Agricultural Limited, as a company that strives to provide diverse agriculture machinery tailored to give Solutions, Services and Sustainability for the farming community.

Think Agriculture. Think Danatrac

To offer a bundle of integrative products and services suitable for a farmer of any size to develop their business in a commercial and sustainable way. Holland Greentech (HGT) has a team of highly qualified experts in the fields of irrigation and agronomy.We partner with leading Dutch, local and international companies in the sector

Haygrove Zambia’s greenhouses & shade structures are used to cover high value veg, fruit & flower crops, seedlings & fisheries. Polythene and/or shade netting crop cover gives many benefits e.g., increased yields, higher quality fruit, frost, hail & wind protection, guaranteed harvest days, reduction in pesticides & continuity of supply. Come speak to our team and let’s discuss your crop cover needs.

CIDRZ Limited trading as VenYou Zambia was established in 2017. The company offers five business lines.

We provide the following solutions under our solar business line:

• Mini Grid Solutions

• Off Grid Solutions

• Power Back-up Systems

• Sales and Distribution of solar panels, inverters, batteries, and numerous accessories

• Accredited Installers

Plant Health Agri Ltd is a Zambian company specialized in agriculture. It distributes high quality agrochemicals, foliar fertilizers, biopesticides, and bio-stimulants across the nation. The company also has an out-grower scheme of 5,000 Small Holder Farmers involved in the value chain of beans and avocados. We represent Corteva and Tradecorp Int.

ZCVCL was incorporated with a vision Committed for Service, Solution and Sustainability with responsibility to deliver innovative solutions to improve farming standards through high quality Novel crop Protection inputs & is an active member of Crop Life Zambia. Our product range includes Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides &Foliar Fertilizers 

Amac Seed Zambia Limited is an indigenous seed company founded in 2021. Its head office is on plot F873/SD57, off Mungwi road, along Eden Univeristy road, Barlaston Park, Lusaka.

Amac Seed Zambia has…
·3 maize maize hybrid varieties ( AMAC 612, AMAC 614 and AMAC 6618) These varieties are high yielding, resistant/tolerant to most common maize diseases and insect pests; drought tolerant, have high adaptability, excellent milling quality,high grain weight and excellent standability,
Common beans (Lungwe bungwe, Mbereshi and Kabulangeti)

Soya beans (Kafue and Lukanga)

Cowbeans (Lutembwe and Bubebe).

Kariba Seed is a Zambian seed company specialised in production, processing and distribution of high quality, drought tolerant seed varieties. It is registered with SCCI, a regulatory wing of the ministry of agriculture. kariba works closely with small scale farmers and out grower schemes in developing and marketing of various seed varieties

DOMINANT GENETIKA s.r.o  from Czech Republik export to more than 60 countries own original genetic programmes for Dual Purpose Poultry and Layers adaptable for rural farming conditions. Different feathers colour and different egg shell colours reminds old local breeds with 300 egg production per 74 weeks. Males produce traditional poultry meat.

Better changes enterprises limited is a Zambian owned company, the company has been operational since 2009. The company is in general supplying, supplying farming inputs and equipment and we have now diversified our business into dealing and supplying of SUZUKI, YAMAHA, HONDA,LIFAN, KEEWAY  and other brands of motorcycles 50-1000 cc.

Zikulu Nkuku Poultry is an emergent poultry hatchery and breeder farm based in Mkushi, Zambia. Zikulu Nkuku Poultry specialises in the production of day old Kuroiler (village chicken) chicks and Broiler day old chicks. 

Plant Health Agri Ltd is a Zambian company specialized in agriculture. It distributes high quality agrochemicals, foliar fertilizers, biopesticides, and bio-stimulants across the nation. The company also has an out-grower scheme of 5,000 Small Holder Farmers involved in the value chain of beans and avocados. We represent Corteva and Tradecorp Int.

Zambia Forestry and Forest Industries Corporation PLC (ZAFFICO)

ZAFFICO PLC is a forestry company whose core business focus is to establish and manage industrial exotic pine and eucalyptus plantations. The Corporation’s business extends to harvest and commercially process timber for supply to the local and foreign markets.

It is operational in Copperbelt, Luapula, Muchinga, Northern and North-Western Provinces

Corteva Agriscience™ is an agriscience company dedicated to agriculture. By combining the strengths of DuPont Pioneer, DuPont Crop Protection and Dow AgroSciences, the company has harnessed agriculture’s brightest minds and expertise gained over two centuries of scientific achievement.

Farmfeed Limited started out in 1998, initially offering consultancy services on animal nutrition and livestock management to both commercial farmers and feed manufacturers.

During this period, the founders identified a gap in the market to produce Macro Packs that would help farmers produce cost effective and high performing feeds from their own or bought in crops.  As demand for these products grew, so did Farmfeed Limited’s reputation for quality and integrity.  Soon, due to requests from customers, the company began producing complete feeds and concentrates.

Over the years, Farmfeed Ltd has consulted and provided feed to many renowned brands in the country, as well as countless small and medium scale producers. We are currently producing feed for over 13 species through our customised product range namely: complete feeds, concentrates and macro packs.

Wood-Mizer supplies mobile and stationary sawmills, bandsaw blades and other timber processing products for professional wood producers around the world.

Lake Agriculture was formed by three individuals with a passion for the small scale African Seed sector. Having all had previous experience in working for multi-national seed companies; the potential in the small scale sector is well understood. 

Lake Agriculture operate a comprehensive maize and legume breeding program, focussing on germplasm development, multi-country testing. Elite products are thereafter registered and commercialized. Commercial seed is certified under both the OECD and RSA Certification schemes and exported throughout Southern and West Africa.

GART- Chisamba Research Centre

Situated along the great North road about 60km from Lusaka, the Chisamba Research Centre is also GART’s Headquarters. It’s main aim is to conduct Research and Development of Climate-Smart Conservation Agriculture Technologies.

NTD FRANCE designs, produces and installs customized breeding complexes using patented French technology.
Thanks to its design office and high-precision digital tools, the solutions offered are diversified, ranging from a single building to solutions that take into account the entire production chain.

Thanks to its international expertise, it analyses and integrates the changes in the breeding profession, as well as the needs of the animal, to provide services adapted to all countries in the world and to all climates.

United Fertilizers Company Limited (UFCL) is African trading arm of two manufacturers of high quality fertilizers Uralkali and Uralchem. Both suppliers are located in Russia and distribute their products globally. Uralchem, Uralkali and UFCL all share the same business philosophy, which is to provide customers and crop growers with the best plant nutrients and share comprehensive knowledge about plant nutrition. 

UFCL fertilizers undergo strict quality control at all stages of production, storage and delivery. The company uses advanced technological, packaging and logistics solutions across our supply chain. UFCL  products have been available in Africa already for decades, but now UFCL offers a unique opportunity to source fertilizers of Russian origin directly from the producers.

Green-2000 part of BNOP Group works with international suppliers from all over the world and maintains the highest international standards. Green-2000 places special emphasis on providing after-sales service, using skilled staff and available spare parts. The company represents various types of agriculture companies that are leaders in the agriculture field, such as Reinke Center Pivot and Metzerplas Drip Irrigation.

Sunagri Investment Zambia Limited is an agricultural technology company incorporated in Zambia . The company exploration of intelligent drones serving agricultural and work closely with the CAA. Sunagri has accumulated rich experience in the appli-cation of drones in the armland.Combined with the practical application of mature technology of modern uav in traditional agriculture, our services include precise spraying operation of various crops, high efficiency and multi-spectral scanning of crops , uav operation and application training, agricultural uav sales, drone spray service, solar lithium systems, E-BIKE, Intelligent drip irrigation throttle valve
Soybean and soybean meal purchase.

Granco is a Zambian-owned agricultural company dealing in grain commodities. The company also serves the country’s farming sector by providing the necessary agrochemicals and fertilizers, with tailored crop protection and crop nutrition solutions to farmers. Granco’s mission is to enhance the country’s food security, increase crop yields, and promote economic prosperity.

AXQ – Umulimi 


Agricoop Newspaper, by Lumbani Chilenga Inv Ltd, is a premier agricultural publication in Zambia, available in both hard and soft copies. We organize the Agricoop Awards and Farmers Choice Awards-Southern Africa, recognizing innovation and excellence in farming. Visit www.agricoopnews.com for more information